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OUR MISSION not-IMPOSSIBLE: Obama’s 10-year goal

Obama’s speech before an 80,000 live- and millions-televised audience last night was brilliant in its conviction, its clarity, its specificity and its hope. I’m old enough to remember when the Soviets launched Sputnik, and American households stared up into the … Continue reading

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Ending another decade

Here I am, on the final evening of my sixth decade.¬† Tomorrow I turn 60…CONGRATULATIONS, MOM! As I bask in the aural tones of Sydney Bechet ( a birthday gift from Jeanie) let me tell you how almost 40 of … Continue reading

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MISSING: 1 summer, 2008, last seen on my calendar

Seriously, where DID this summer go to so quickly?   And what happened to all those thoughtful, stimulating insights I intended to post?

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