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Series of Infinite Regressions, or, How I Enjoyed SYNECDOCHE NY

Still trying to get my mind back on a linear track after watching Charlie Kaufman’s SYNECDOCHE NY at the Gateway Cinema last night. First, it’s without any doubt, the slowest pace of a film I can recall ever experiencing. Altho … Continue reading

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Build Your Network BEFORE You Need It

It’s leaning toward winter in our Northern Hemisphere. I watch squirrels energetically preparing for seasonal dormancy. Our economic climate might be compared to the dormancy of less daylight & warmth, but this period has a direct correlation with the productivity … Continue reading

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POSSITIVITY: Questions To Externalize

Now is our time to assess just HOW we will respond on Wednesday, November 5 when we learn who has won. Just HOW will this election change our lives? What will our behavior be if our candidate wins? And what … Continue reading

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