Sales Fundamentals Mini-Manifesto

Sales is not about Brilliance.

We leave Brilliance to Marketing, and on rare occasions some marketers approach Brilliance.

Sales is about Fundamentals.

The salesman/woman is not the fleet wide receiver or the Heisman-candidate quarterback.

schafrath-brownSales people are the offensive tackles, applying smashmouth in the trenches, doing the unglamourous deeds to help make the running back look so good.

These Fundamentals :  GOAL, a PLAN to funnel into the goal, WORK the plan, with discipline & consistence, daily.

and finally…ONE MORE…1 more phone call, 1 more e-mail, 1 more prospect discovered.

“Coffee is for CLOSERS!”


About orangeacorn

We are, I believe, and everything is, in perpetual unfolding/enfolding/evolving. By surface appearances, we're in turmoil and fearfullness, but in fact our existence is on the edge of a new way, beyond the US versus THEM we have grown with. I encourage you to join me over coffee or tea in face-to-face encounters. I call this exercise, "CAFFEINE COMMUNION: Encounters with Paradigm Pioneers." I'm a Columbus, Ohio husband, father and citizen. I practice string band sounds from the ridges of Pocahontas County, West Virginia, the vortex of the ancient drone.
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2 Responses to Sales Fundamentals Mini-Manifesto

  1. Great Post. Here’s my take: I have witnessed absolute brilliance on sales calls . . . in fact, I see it often. However, that brilliance is often a brilliant execution of the fundamentals. In every case, the only reason we were sitting on the call is because the rep exercised the discipline to make their calls religiously. They worked their plan.

    The real discipline, in my opinion, is the discipline of OPENING. I believe coffee is for openers . . . great fundamentals will ensure that the closing takes care of itself.


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