I was a guest in a Republican’s house last night.

I was a guest in a Republican’s house last night.  Actually, they look much like us. 

We paced and exchanged vacuous pleasantries, intending to appear civil, and civilized, as we watched a 40-inch screen-size Fox News on the living room mantle. The hosts withheld their whoops as victorious candidates, state-by-state, invected “Pelosi” as a pox to be eliminated from the collective condition of the country.

I was a guest in a Republican’s house last night.  Actually, they look much like us. 

Their buffet spread, once with a full bowl of black Dorritos, was now reduced to a scattering of shards broken in a pint container stained with dried guacamole.

I was a guest in a Republican’s house last night.  Actually, they look much like us. I posted this on my Facebook page this morning, with one additional sentence:  I believe we can work together.  Please read the lengthy stream of comments this statement elicited from my Facebook “Friends.”

Jim Coe

Jim Coe I was a guest in a Republican’s house last night. Actually, they look much like us. I believe we can work together.

14 hours ago · · ·

    • Jennifer P Brown Love. It. Despite the fear that we have horns, we really don’t. 🙂 Some of us even vote like you now and then.
      14 hours ago ·
    • Karen Jones Jim and Jennifer… well said… While I’m a Dem to my core (but one who loathes politics but is just too opinionated to sit on the sidelines) and cannot understand the American middle class consistently voting against its own best interests (this miffs me), I do believe that there is benevolence and love in the air at all times, and perhaps what looks like a bloodbath to some of us Dems, is really an opportunity for real change. I can hope.
      14 hours ago ·
    • Jim Hubbard Yeah sure, the last two years have shown just how much Republicans are willing to work with Democrats. But it’ll be all different now.
      14 hours ago ·
    • Jim Coe Love trumps fear.
      13 hours ago ·
    • Charlie Einhorn Forgive me for no being optimistic about Republicans suddenly realizing they need to work with the Dems. Their track record speaks loudly. I especially don’t see it coming now that they believe they have a mandate, and their most extreme ideologues have loudly declared they will not compromise. The best hope for Dems is that, as they usually do, the Reps will overreach once again and turn the country away from them in disgust (Think Gingrich’s Revolution in 4)
      13 hours ago · ·  1 personLoading…
    • Karen Jones Love Trumps. Period.
      13 hours ago ·
    • Wolfgang Parker I agree, Charlie. Time to sit and wait for them to do what they do best: make a bad situation worse for everyone.
      13 hours ago ·
    • Karen Jones Maybe we can just view politics as “trying to get our own way”, and realize the real job at hand is “nurturing universal needs” (which Dems and Reps both have). I’m not naive. Politix is necessary. But the whole internal(within each of our mind chatter) blame game, despair and hopelessness, et cetera is A CHOICE… We do not need to keep spewing despair on ourselves and on eachother… enough… Be the Change, et cet! Maybe that will create the culture that politics, by nature, is not meant to create.
      13 hours ago ·
    • Cheryl Chaffin Given We will wait and see. I really don’t think the Republicans can make things any worse. I’m just praying that they got our message. For me I will welcome fewer taxes and more money in my pocket to spend the way I want and not they way they want.
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    • Francie Hinson Adams I worked for Republicans and Democrats for years in state government-at a high level. I hope it works out but I think it’s really a return of what was called “the Cave Man” caucas back in the ’90’s…we’ll see. I’m not quite ready to move to New Hampshire or France, but…
      12 hours ago ·
    • Joyce Miller Brainard I sure hope so!
      11 hours ago ·
    • Charlie Einhorn France is kind of OK, but Sarkozy’s days are numbered. He is a right winger (by French standards. Here he would be considered a Socialist) Maybe a shift to the left? Don’t know about enough about New Hampshire. Politics in the past few decades has been volatile. A 2-year shift back to center (forget the left) may just be par for the trend, a la 94 Republican sweep followed by a sound defeat with the reelecyion of Clinton.
      11 hours ago ·
    • Alan Fliegel self-deception….
      10 hours ago ·
    • Greg Hankins I hope and pray they can work together. I will try to disconnect from politics awhile to maintain sanity. (Although I have to keep listening to Diane Rehm podcasts from WAMU.)
      Pass the folk music, please!
      10 hours ago ·
    • Kelly Sargent Galindo Looks can be deceiving, but I hope you are right.
      10 hours ago ·
    • Steve Coe we got tired of pelosi cramming junk down our throats!
      7 hours ago ·
    • Ted Fireman Prop 19 failed Jim.
      5 hours ago ·
    • Jim Coe Ted…is that observation an oblique commentary on the mind-twisting turns of this thread?! On a related note, will the Oregon State Troopers need to erect a fence along their southern border to prevent a migration from Californians in search of a prescription?
      5 hours ago ·
    • Greg Hankins Can’t we all just get a bong?
      5 hours ago ·
    • Scott Brooks How soon we forget. I am reminded that the divided gov’t of Clinton and Gingrich accomplished four years of balanced budgets and other legislative accomplishments (welfare reform & environmental acts). I hope Obama and Bohemer can “man up” to their example. I’m looking forward to history thrusting greatness on the 112th congress and the Obama administration… it could happen.
      5 hours ago ·
    I was a guest in a Republican’s house last night. Actually, they look much like us. I believe we can work together.

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