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The Viper and the Bluebird

   I post this in order to crystallize the event. Last night, in my sleep, soon before awakening, I was visited by a snake, a blue racer, and a bluebird. In this dream I was sitting, parked, in the driver’s … Continue reading

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What I Learn from Warren Taylor

You may not have heard of Warren Taylor, and you might not yet have enjoyed his product, Snowville Creamery, but he has something to say that informs your future.  When I first met Warren in 2009, I assumed he was in … Continue reading

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Can we communicate with an individual or collective unconscious through dreams?

Let me venture this, right up front-  I believe as the shift in consciousness manifests, as this shift approaches the tipping point, we will increasingly be informed in our dreams. Some will communicate collectively via dreams. As their numbers increase there … Continue reading

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