The Viper and the Bluebird

   I post this in order to crystallize the event.

Last night, in my sleep, soon before awakening, I was visited by a snake, a blue racer, and a bluebird.

In this dream I was sitting, parked, in the driver’s seat of my car with my window rolled down. On the ground to my left the long serpent glided swiftly toward a brilliantly-colored bluebird, clearly in pursuit and unbeknownst by the prey.  They were both the color of  gleeming shades of blue, cobalt or azure, tinting my dream like technicolor.

And both eyed me, diner and “dinner”  fully aware of my presence.

Once again, I refer to Robert Moss’  ACTIVE DREAMING

About orangeacorn

We are, I believe, and everything is, in perpetual unfolding/enfolding/evolving. By surface appearances, we're in turmoil and fearfullness, but in fact our existence is on the edge of a new way, beyond the US versus THEM we have grown with. I encourage you to join me over coffee or tea in face-to-face encounters. I call this exercise, "CAFFEINE COMMUNION: Encounters with Paradigm Pioneers." I'm a Columbus, Ohio husband, father and citizen. I practice string band sounds from the ridges of Pocahontas County, West Virginia, the vortex of the ancient drone.
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1 Response to The Viper and the Bluebird

  1. susanasun says:

    this is wild. thanks for sharing, Jim! blue is my most favorite color. I love it 🙂


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