“Bring an umbrella,” Ruth Sternberg tells “CAFFEINE COMMUNION”

If you are, or have been active working within the profession of not-for-profit organizations, you might know Ruth. We first met at an Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP) luncheon, circa 2008. More recently, we got together downtown at Roosevelt Coffee March 31, 2018.

Ruth Sternberg 31 March

Her background is journalism, reporting for daily and weeklies in Columbus, Canton and Cleveland. In 2004 she co-founded the “New Standard,” a Columbus bi-weekly covering news and concerns for the local Jewish community. She served as executive editor.

She soon found her way into the non-profit sector, writing grants, and fundraising. She now is an independent contractor operating Polish-Publish.com, helping organizations and individuals with grants, newsletters and resumes. Passionate about the local arts community, she serves on the board of the Friends of the Cultural Arts Center, and Red Herring Theatre. And Ruth and her husband volunteer at Lifecare Alliance, delivering Meals-on-Wheels.

Planning a wedding? Ruth is a certified ceremonial celebrant, Ring and Rose.

And our interview proceeds…

CORE VALUES: “Integrity and respect are values that I hold highly, to respect others’ dignity. Every person you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about.” Another value she tries to practice is “living now, in this moment.”

Current mission to EFFECT CHANGE: Trying to help fellow humans that she encounters on a daily basis.

EARLIEST MEMORY: At about age 2, in Pittsburgh, talking to her infant brother. And at 3, walking outside with a neighbor boy and getting picked up by her mother.

FEELING of HUMAN CONNECTEDNESS: Ruth feels “warmth” when she’s in a close connection with others.

Ruth’s presence on the spectrum of SCARCITY/ABUNDANCE? She states she’s clearly on “an abundance of love with her friends, her husband, and both their families.” She adds, “gratitude comes from my realization that in this country one can live and re-start their lives many times over.”

Her proverbial “BOX” that we’re often encouraged to THINK OUTSIDE OF: “My box is that voice in my head of how to behave, that I’m trying to over-ride. Our brain is molded in certain ways, not bad or good ways, just molded in certain ways. It’s a parental voice; I want that voice to go away. I don’t want to have an age, I just want to be Ruth. THE BOX IS FEAR!”

Her source of IDEAS, her MUSE: “I read, I talk to people of different backgrounds.” Ruth is stimulated by her environment.

On UNCERTAINTY: “It’s the only certainty. Understand the risks…BRING AN UMBRELLA!” Ruth refers to her maternal grandmother, Mildred, her practice of adaptability and resilience. “It’s so liberating when you realize you’re going to die.”

Henceforth 5-YEARS ahead, 2023: Ruth doesn’t anticipate much difference, but she has confidence in the younger generation.

ANCESTORS: Ruth can name her great-grandmother, and was fortunate enough to have her grandmother’s company until she was 45.

And finally, Ruth…WHATCHA READIN’? Ruth urged me to discover Arlene Schulman, notably her film, On Some Strange Mornings, about a man living with Alzheimer’s who cares for his mother with dementia. She also recommends DIGNITY, by Donna Hicks, ALL THE LIGHT WE CANNOT SEE, by Anthony Doerr, A GENTLEMAN IN MOSCOW, by Amor Towles, and THE #1 LADIES’ DETECTIVE AGENCY, by Alexander McCall Smith.

Thank You, Ruth, for your time and interview.
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