Leaving the theater after experiencing Nassim Soleimanpour’s WHITE RABBIT RED RABBIT.


I attended a performance Saturday night, WHITE RABBIT RED RABBIT.

Perhaps it was a presentation. Or lecture? Some might have called it a play, but I consider that the drama was minimal.

A single person, one of Columbus theatre renown, appeared before an audience of 61 seated in a gallery in Franklinton, the Vanderelli Room.

On December 8, this reader was Artie Isaac. As directed by the playwright, Nassim Soleimanpour, Mr. Isaac had no prior knowledge of the script and no stage directions until upon introduction opened the sealed envelope from the minimal set and began reading.

Central Ohio theater-goers can thank Available Light Theatre for this production, penned in 2010 from the artist’s home in Tehran, Iran and first presented in 2011. Local actors who have provided one-time presentations as “intermediaries,”according to Nassim, include Adam Humphrey, Acacia Duncan, Brian Evans, David J. Glover, Sue Wismar, Artie Isaac, Josie Merkle, Ian Short and Michael Morris. Only two dates remain, Feb. 8 & 9 at Denison University in Granville.

Since no one who has witnessed WRRR should say much, I won’t reveal quotes or parts of Nassim’s script, other to report that the writer is referred to as the “me,” and the reader on stage, the “intermediary,” is I believe a conduit channeling the writer. At the time of writing Nassim was not allowed a passport to leave his country because he had refused to participate in military service as a conscientious objector.

He did ask for a photo to be taken and emailed to him. I complied with this request, and sent a stage shot to him at nassim.sn@gmail.com

I was so taken by this script that I returned on December 9 to witness Josie Merkle’s manner of presenting WRRR.  Again, I dare not be much more descriptive, but key takeaways I ponder include the notion of free will, the act of individual courage,  authoritarianism, and our current creep toward the spectre of fascism.


About orangeacorn

We are, I believe, and everything is, in perpetual unfolding/enfolding/evolving. By surface appearances, we're in turmoil and fearfullness, but in fact our existence is on the edge of a new way, beyond the US versus THEM we have grown with. I encourage you to join me over coffee or tea in face-to-face encounters. I call this exercise, "CAFFEINE COMMUNION: Encounters with Paradigm Pioneers." I'm a Columbus, Ohio husband, father and citizen. I practice string band sounds from the ridges of Pocahontas County, West Virginia, the vortex of the ancient drone.
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