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To Die Well

As you read this, you may be in social distance from others as we end our first month of lifestyle interruptions of the Coronavirus. We experience the surreal reality of a place we’ve never been before. We try to squint … Continue reading

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Call Me Orpheus. Gettin’ ready for my ferry shuttle across Styx River…WOKE!

Not to be alarmed, dear Reader, I haven’t been diagnosed with any conditions that might preview my  shuffle off this mortal coil sooner rather than later. But…c’mon…it’s imminent, and when I remind myself of this inevitability with each morning awakening, then I … Continue reading

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“There’s Quicksand in that Pond!”

Anzio veterans helmets and flags by a bronze statue on the square. Skinned knee brownies a Decoration Day confederacy crawls up Medina Street Methodist parade. Thunderbird bicycles convertible beer cans now three months in right field sunburns.  35 millimeter popcorn … Continue reading

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CAFFEINE COMMUNION’s first anonymous interview, “Hannah.”

On December 7 I met with a long-time friend who I only get to see every five years or so. She asked if we could talk without attribution of her name, and of course I respect her choice. It was … Continue reading

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And Away-y-y-y-y-y They Roll

Our intrepid walkers, Tara & John-Michael, arrived on the eastern edge of Bexley around 5pm Saturday, April 20. Sharon dismissed herself from her phone volunteer duties at the WCBE 90.5 FM Spring On-Air Fund Drive to drive to Johnson’s Real … Continue reading

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Meet Tara and John-Michael…They are walking across America.

Sharon, Rachael and I recently rented a Toyota and drove to New Jersey to attend a family bat mitzvah. Terrific event- Maya the bat mitzvah was in command of her entire weekend and family gathered from Israel, Florida, New York, … Continue reading

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I was a guest in a Republican’s house last night.

I was a guest in a Republican’s house last night.  Actually, they look much like us.  We paced and exchanged vacuous pleasantries, intending to appear civil, and civilized, as we watched a 40-inch screen-size Fox News on the living room … Continue reading

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