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Terror Is Winning

TERROR is winning so far. I won’t comment on the merits of this Virginia school incident; one version is reported for us in the Washington Post. I wasn’t there so readers need to determine the veracity of the news outlets. … Continue reading

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The Balm of Synchronicity

Events just may be grouped by their meaning. Saturday morning, January 23, en route to Dayton, Ohio, to the campus of the University of Dayton.  My friend, the co-worker to whom I report, lost his 22-year-old son, a senior at UD.  … Continue reading

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STAYING GROUNDED: Who has seen “Up In the Air” already?

I don’t mean to trivialize the aspect of being suddenly, involuntarily, unemployed.  One of my sisters, the one raising her grandson, just watched her employer shutter that business, her source of income, forever.  And I also remember the paralysis that gripped … Continue reading

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A Change In Direction: Where Doth Thou Blog?

After stewing periodically for my lack of posts, I decided to fearlessly compose and expose readers to my random themes about…blogging, and what inspirations might arise after a deliberate session of meditation. I believe I’ll change the direction of what … Continue reading

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MISSING: 1 summer, 2008, last seen on my calendar

Seriously, where DID this summer go to so quickly?   And what happened to all those thoughtful, stimulating insights I intended to post?

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