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“There’s Quicksand in that Pond!”

Anzio veterans helmets and flags by a bronze statue on the square. Skinned knee brownies a Decoration Day confederacy crawls up Medina Street Methodist parade. Thunderbird bicycles convertible beer cans now three months in right field sunburns.  35 millimeter popcorn … Continue reading

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“I think they’re VC,” Tycer giggled. Laughing all the way to the rice paddies, and back.

Humor saved my life. Probably. This is me at age 20, after several months in the Mekong Delta of the country that was then known as the Republic of Viet Nam. I appear exhausted, sleep-deprived, demoralized. Appearances deceive, although it’s … Continue reading

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Terror Is Winning

TERROR is winning so far. I won’t comment on the merits of this Virginia school incident; one version is reported for us in the Washington Post. I wasn’t there so readers need to determine the veracity of the news outlets. … Continue reading

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