Jim Vaive confesses to “CAFFEINE COMMUNION,” “I fail at it every day.”

Jim and I have been long-acquainted friends, since 1991 when he was building Varment Guard, a pest-control company that he has since sold. He’s now the Regional Co-Director of SixSeconds, The Emotional Intelligence Network, “about being smarter with feelings.  More aware. More intentional. More purposeful.” 

Jim VaiveWe reunited at the Roosevelt Coffeehouse February 15, 2018.

Time was a factor that morning, so we got down to it directly.

Jim’s CORE VALUES: His personal mission statement,  “To love people unconditionally while maintaining healthy boundaries.  My noble goal, my north star, my over-arcing sense of purpose…and I FAIL AT IT EVERY DAY! And how does he define unconditional love?  “It’s about judgment vs. curiosity in engaging with others; to be non-judgmental is the goal, that’s what unconditional love means.”

Current mission to EFFECT CHANGE:  “I work to engage with the people I talk with on the journey, talk about how to engage on this journey together. Then we talk about how to activate our conversation, and then I want to reflect on it with the people I talk to. He cautions that the number of “bad guys” aren’t necessarily increasing, the world isn’t necessarily falling to hell in a hand basket, it’s just that the bad guys are LOUDER, and being amplified by the media.

EARLIEST MEMORY: At age three, walking down a road with his pal Joey, comforting and encouraging Joey, who was crying, saying “It’s going to be all OK.”

Jim’s FEELING of CONNECTEDNESS with others, the TEXTURE OF EMOTION: “I don’t know if there are negative or positive feelings. All feelings have a reason for presenting themselves. We humans decide if they’re negative or positive. We use feelings to navigate, they’re all over our bodies. Think of these chemical peptides as little keys flooding our systems, looking for the lock to unlock.”

SCARCITY/ABUNDANCE:  “I never worry, even when I experience scarcity, because I have abundance. To whom much has been given, much is expected. If we have abundance, we need to give; if we don’t have it, well…that’s OK.”

The proverbial “BOX” of which we’re often encouraged to THINK OUTSIDE OF: “I don’t really think about being in a box. I guess the box I want out of is one in which I’m failing, coming short of the noble goal.”

Jim’s MUSE, source of his IDEAS: Listening to people, learning. “I’m more interested in people who are trying to build community, and growth.”

On UNCERTAINTY: “No one understands what the future holds…I’ve never had control, it’s an illusion.”

5-YEARS ahead, 2023: Jim will work with SixSeconds until he can no longer fulfill his duties. On success, on happiness, “I look upon ‘happy’ as an event and ‘joy’ as a lifestyle. Joy doesn’t mean that you’re going to be happy. If we’re in touch with ourselves, joy is how we live each day.” 

On his ANCESTORS:  Jim can name his antecedents back two generations, to his grandfather.

And finally, Jim…WHATCHA READIN’? Any book written by David Balducci, the pulp fiction writer, for fun, pure enjoyment.

“Our mission is to live life to the best of our understanding of our ability.” – Jim Vaive

Thank You, Jim, for your time and interview.
Let’s schedule a meeting, SOON, to get acquainted and conduct your interview for “CAFFEINE COMMUNION: Encounters with Paradigm Pioneers.”
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Jim Bruner shares with “CAFFEINE COMMUNION” about Mezzacello.

Jim and I met, February 12, 2018 for caffeine in our local shop, the Lincoln Cafe, across from the Lincoln Theater on Long Street in Bronzeville.

Jim Bruner

His home, a short walk from this coffee shop, hosts an urban farm, Mezzacello. Thomas Jefferson is an admitted influence for Jim. Starting in 2013, this densely urban plot has been transformed via his alchemy into a fruit-&-vegetable-growing farm. In its current winter dormancy, the census is 8 chickens, 2 ducks, 5 rabbits,

about 30 fish (tilapia, coy, goldfish) and frogs. Mezzocello (2)


Jim serves on staff at the PAST Foundation, a STEM-influenced not-for-profit program that works collaboratively with educators, businesses and industry to co-create innovative strategies designed to give real meaning to educational content. P.A.S.T. stands for Partnering Anthropology Science Technology. “My personal life and my work at PAST intersects in a delightful way.” 

Let’s begin with CORE VALUES:  Jim cites honesty as a primary value, but also hope. As one who operates a sustainable farm, diligence is not only required, but rewarded. Likewise, he values the power of curiosity. But he cautions, “without curiosity, the honesty and hard work lead to an empty life.” And, about honesty, he reminds us “You can’t cheat the ‘House,’ i.e., Mother Nature. The House always wins.”

His current (ongoing) personal mission to EFFECT CHANGE: “To inspire, expose and engage youth with science and play.” Jim’s mantra in this application is, “grow, maintain, sustain, explain.” As a military veteran, he’s “always about the mission. Currently the mission is to apply education, technology and curiosity to solve problems.” But he includes the concept of “PLAY, let’s have fun while we do it.”

EARLIEST MEMORY: Having spent his early childhood in Los Angeles, he recalls his visit to the Palomar Observatory at age six, looking through the lens of the Wilson telescope at the rings of Saturn. This revelation influenced him for a lifetime.

The FEELING OF HUMAN CONNECTEDNESS, the TEXTURE OF EMOTION: “Excitedness that is electrifying, like the sensation of static electricity on skin. I cherish human connection.”

On the SCARCITY/ABUNDANCE spectrum: Growing up in extreme poverty has helped form Jim’s current mission, “I know poverty’s harm, and I know what it takes to get out of poverty.” He reaches out to as many youth as he can to point out, “energy has a cost, karma has a pay-back, you can’t have something for/from nothing. Everything in nature has a cost.” He continues, “I’m nothing if not abundant; I’m healthy, have shelter, a husband who loves me,  a job I have passion for in a vibrant city, and this opportunity to give love.”

The proverbial “BOX” that we’re sometimes encouraged to THINK OUTSIDE OF:   Jim’s BOX is 3-dimensional, and he seeks multi-dimensional outlooks and applications that don’t usually fall together, “out-of-the-box ways of doing things.”

His MUSE, the source for IDEAS: “Curiosity, and dreams.” He has lucid clarity of his dreams and can induce problem-solving in his dreams.

On UNCERTAINTY: “It’s a constraint, you need to plan against (uncertainty) by 1) coming from a place of abundance, and, 2) apply what you know. Uncertainty is a victim’s excuse.”

How does Jim anticipate 5-YEARS ahead, 2023?  “For Mezzacello, becoming more robust, and a multiple of such co-ops throughout the city.” And he hopes to see engineering in low-earth orbit. As for IT data, “Columbus could be an IT capital, doing something meaningful with information rather than merely holding it as a repository.”

His ANCESTRY: “No known family tree, I’m a bush, instead of a tree it’s a low-lying shrub.” Jim was raised by his older sister.

Finally, Jim, WHATCHA READIN’?  Currently immersed in A MOST ELEGANT EQUATION, EULER’S FORMULA AND THE BEAUTY OF MATHEMATICS, and Jim is the second  “CAFFEINE COMMUNION” interviewee with which THE RIGHTEOUS MIND by Jonathan Haidt has been recommended, so…I’m on a mission!

Much THANKS to you, Jim.
And THANKS, too, toward all readers of “CAFFEINE COMMUNION.”
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ComFest, Burners and “CAFFEINE COMMUNION” with Micki Pike

Micki and I got together at the original Angry Baker in Olde Towne East February 6, 2018.


She brought along festival programs for the first three years she attended, and soon volunteered at ComFest. This is how Micki and I first became acquainted, as volunteers for Columbus’ “Party with a Purpose.” That was 1995, and she’s volunteered every year since ’96, serving on various committees such as Clean Up/Recycling, Grants, Site, Logistics, and she created two committees still active, Food Fairies and Volunteer Central.

As we talked about “radical self-expression,” I asked Micki about a couple of Ohio “burns,” smaller regional gatherings modeled on Burning Man, notably, Scorched Nuts and Mozaic Experiment. These events share some commonality with the ComFest ethic, specifically the 10 Principles as they compare with Spirit and Purpose.

CORE VALUES:  She’s an “omnist,”  she recognizes and respects all religions.  For Micki, the Golden Rule, universal  mores and truths and the

Spirit & Principles of ComFest… 

We think that people ought to work for the collective good of all people rather than for personal gain. We support cooperation and collective activity rather than competition and individual profit.

The basic necessities of life are a right and not a privilege. People have the collective right to control the conditions of their lives.

People should strive to conduct their lives in harmony with the environment.

We recognize that there are primary attitudes which divide and oppress people. These attitudes are usually shown by prejudice against people on the basis of age, class, ability, income, race, sex and sexual preference/orientation. We seek to eliminate these attitudes.

The Statement of Principles is more important than any other writings of the Community Festival.

Her current mission to EFFECT CHANGE:  “Yes, we can!”

EARLIEST MEMORY: Micki describes herself sitting on the seat of a moving car, with a silly man sitting next to her, who then opened the car door and jumped out, with the adults in the car talking like what sounded like gibberish to her. She had thought this was a dream until her mother informed her that was no dream, it really happened. She was 18-months old.

The FEELING of HUMAN CONNECTNESS, the TEXTURE of EMOTION: “Like a ‘heart hug,’ a soul hug,” as compared with a ‘body hug.’ The peaceful energy felt in a heart hug is peaceful energy for Micki, pure innocence, feeling the heart’s pulse. This is performed with left arm over left shoulder, left cheek to left cheek.

On SCARCITY/ABUNDANCE: She feels abundance with her freedom to be able to volunteer within her community.

The “BOX” that we’re often encouraged to THINK OUTSIDE OF: Her personal experience with organized religion is her box, which Micki got out of by “embracing change.”

The source for her IDEAS, her MUSE: Micki’s ethic influenced by Spirit & Purpose and the 10 Burning Man Principles stimulates her creativity and her “joy of play.”

On UNCERTAINTY: Meditation, and conversing with friends provide a center. She adds that she no longer worries about what others think of her.

Henceforth 5-YEARS AHEAD, life in 2023: “Things are going to get worse under our current political system in US. I do what I can to change this system. I like putting a smile on people’s faces.”

ANCESTRY:  Micki reports that her great-great-great-grandfather left Wales and arrived in Somerset, Ohio in 1853 to mine coal. One maternal ancestor is Ethan Allen, and her step-father is a descendant of Nathan Hale and Samuel F.B.Morse.

Finally, Micki, WHATCHA READIN’? Paul Tillich’s THE COURAGE TO BE, and she has read MY STRUGGLE.

Much THANKS to you, Micki.
And THANKS, too, toward all readers of “CAFFEINE COMMUNION.”
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Picture Janet Adams with “CAFFEINE COMMUNION”

Janet and I met at Roosevelt Coffeehouse, January 31, 2018. It was her first visit to this not-for-profit operated house of bright light and joe, and she learned of it’s social justice mission to alleviate hunger, human trafficking and unclean water.


We have a common mentor in Clay Lowe, who taught Janet at OSU when she earned her degree in photography.  And we have another commonality, i.e., our fondness for movies. During the salad days of my collegiate experience at OSU I went to screenings frequently, some weeks as often as 3-4 movies, all within walking distance on and from campus. As this interview reveals, Janet was often the projectionist when I watched films at the Ohio Union and Drake Union cinemas, hoisting spools of 16mm and 35mm film onto the projectors.

Upon graduation, Janet was virtually the only professional female photographer working in Columbus, along the likes of D.R. Goff and Larry Hamill.


She been working ever since, for Battelle, for Columbus Business First, and now as a very busy free lance professional, as well as raising alpacas (she currently has two, but had 21 at one time).

Let’s hear Janet’s CORE VALUES: “Honesty, respect, and re-use, recycle, zero waste.” She serves on the board of Keep Reynoldsburg Beautiful and the Zero Waste Initiative.

Her current mission to EFFECT CHANGE: Through her photo imagery, “eco-photography.”

Big Pine Ranch alpacas nursing their crias.

Janet’s EARLIEST MEMORY: Vividly remembering an experience at some point during the 1950s, awakening from a nap to watch television, the opening scene of the “Loretta Young Show” with the star opening the door, making her signature entrance, whirling in a glamourous gown, then shutting the door behind her.

Her description of the EMOTIONAL TEXTURE of CONNECTEDNESS to OTHERS: “Intrigue and comfortableness, no barriers.”

On the SCARCITY/ABUNDANCE scale: Janet claims abundance in the form of her professional freedom and gratification, of her family, and with friends going as far back as elementary school.

Her proverbial “BOX,” that many have been encouraged to THINK OUTSIDE OF: “I’m always stepping outside the box, out of my comfort zone to learn new forms of art and expression.”

Janet’s MUSE, the source for her IDEAS: “Experience, observing life.”

On UNCERTAINTY: “It’s scary,” as a free lance artist, the uncertainty of her ability to pay bills, of her future health. To maintain perspective, Janet will change her environment to stimulate her senses.

5-YEARS hence, 2023: She’s confident Columbus will emerge as one of the top fives cities in United States. And at the same time, she worries about the prospect of war. But she’s hopeful in light of the #MeToo movement and the opportunity to elect more women leaders.

ANCESTRY: Janet’s mother’s roots were German, her father’s Slovak. She knows her great-great-grandfather was in the Austrian army.

Finally, Janet…WHATCHA READIN’? The suspense novels of Mary Higgins Clark.

Much THANKS to you, Janet.
And THANKS, too, toward all readers of “CAFFEINE COMMUNION.”
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Jami Goldstein talks to “CAFFEINE COMMUNION” on helping “COLUMBUS MAKES ART.”

Jami and I met in a conference room of the Greater Columbus Arts Council, where she has been employed since 2010 as V.P., Marketing, Communications, and Events.


Prior to joining the staff at GCAC to promote the mission of “Supporting Art and Advancing Culture,” she served Ohioans and advocated the arts statewide as Public Information Director for the Ohio Arts Council, in the Wayne Lawson era.


In many aspects Jami’s personal life and her professional passion are one and the same. Originally from Michigan, raised on a farm near Flint, graduated from the University of Michigan and managed stages for events, including appearances by Stevie Wonder and the Rolling Stones.

Upon her move to Columbus, her first job was with the German Village Society, then the Edwards Companies promoting the Brewery District, and she joined the Player’s Theater during their closing days in 1993.

Jami is active in civic-minded of arts leadership, serving on boards and committees of Gateway Film Center, Columbus Film Commission, Columbus Music Commission, Columbus Arts Marketing Association, the Arts & College Preparatory Academy, and Roy G Biv Gallery.

Jami on her CORE VALUES: “Being grateful and having compassion. And I think integrity, too. Say what you’re going to do and do what you say. Treat people kindly, try to be empathetic, and be grateful for what you have because so many people have so much less.”

Current mission to EFFECT CHANGE: “One of the greatest opportunities as I work at GCAC is the capability to effect change in the arts, which contributes to individual artists, organizations,  education, community centers, economic development…a really vibrant cultural community that is critical to the success to any city.” She continues that as a city, “We’re not there, yet, at a level with our peer city competitors.”

GCAC President/CEO Tom Katzenmeyer has been given the charge to work on increasing funding, helping increase endowments for organizations, and marketing, raising the visability of the arts in Columbus, selling more tickets. “We want to change the landscape of funding for the arts in Columbus.” The budget has increased annually, the majority of which goes back out to the community in the form of artists and organizations grants. But in an additional campaign, a plan is being pitched to increase funding, a user fee on certain ticket sales, plus revenue from Franklin County. After all, recent local research reveals that county-wide, 2707 arts-related businesses employ 16,358 people, increasing almost 20% from 2015 to 2017.

Her EARLIEST MEMORY: “Probably at age four, walking down the lane on our farm holding my dad’s hand.” It was a very long, tree-lined passage that bordered up against the horse pasture. Her mom and her have a phrase they continue to share, “I love you longer than this lane and higher than the sky.” 

Jami’s FEELING of her CONNECTEDNESS with others, the TEXTURE of EMOTION: “It feels like my heart is full.  When I feel grateful for my friends, for our creative community, I feel this expansiveness, a nice warm glow in my chest.”

SCARCITY/ABUNDANCE: “I personally feel I am far on the abundance side, not necessarily monetarily, but wealth comes in full variety of other forms. But I unfortunately feel human kind right now is on the side of scarcity in compassion and kindness. It’s kindness and compassion and love that can change the world. How you approach your own choices in your personal sphere has a ripple effect into the community.”

Her proverbial “BOX,” which we’re often encouraged to THINK OUTSIDE OF: “It’s of my own construction. I tend to be very dogmatic, I’ll put my head down and just work. Sometimes I may come off as abrupt or uncaring, when in fact I’m just trying to get work done.” Her solution is to attempt to break out of this box, to slow down, but she finds it difficult to unplug, as her personal and professional lives are so entwined.

Her MUSE, the source for her IDEAS: Two courses of action to connect with her creativity. 1) She goes for walks in the woods, to get out of her head, and 2) To walk into any library. “The smell of books…I’m a voracious reader, the smell of books gives me a visceral reaction.” We agreed we find libraries humbling, and she added, “If there’s any redeeming quality for human beings it’s that we do have imaginations and are creative, and are occasionally capable of compassion.”

On UNCERTAINTY: “It’s a constant, change is constant. Adapting to that idea better prepares us to deal with the future. I’m confident that another opportunity will come along, and I’ve had the ability to recognize these opportunities. That said, I’ve lived in the same house for 20 years.”

In 5-YEARS, 2023: “I can see myself still here, if my work is unfinished. But we still have work to do here. Columbus…we’re on a cusp now, we have problems in this community we need to address, as 14th largest city we’re starting to feel the strain of rush hour traffic, lack of mass transit, an educational issue, opioid addiction, gentrification and disparity issues in socio-economic classes that must be addressed.” But“Columbus has been very good at finding unique solutions to challenging social issues and I hope we can continue to do that.”

ANCESTRY: Jami is well-informed on her antecedents. Harriet Lane, niece of President James Buchanan on her mother’s side, Oliver Wendell Holmes on her father’s side.

Finally, Jami…WHATCHA READIN’? British detective novels, everything of Agatha Christie and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, and just read re-read SHIBUMI, a spy novel by Trevanian.

Much THANKS to you, Jami.

And THANKS, too, toward all readers of “CAFFEINE COMMUNION.”

Please add your comments in the box below; any review or critique is welcome.

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Paul Thomas Evans discusses walking and bohemianism with “CAFFEINE COMMUNION”

Paul and I got together on a rainy Saturday afternoon to share conversation over caffeine (coffee & diet Coke) January 27, 2018.


Our venue of choice, the venerable Kafe Kerouac, just north of OSU on the SE corner of E. Northwood and N. High.


This establishment is the closest Columbus has come to allowing a cultural center in the tradition of Larry’s Bar, and more recently, Victorians Midnight Café.


(DISCLOSURE: This reporter was once employed at the bar by the very Larry Paoletti himself).


From his Marietta roots, Paul has spent time bi-coastal, Boston to live and work, San Francisco for annual participation in the Bay-to-Breakers festivities, with roots back to the 1906 Earthquake. As a Boston-area resident he worked on staff at the Harvard Crimson as a typesetter, where he befriended Bill McKibbon. He migrated to Ohio University, then Cincinnati, then to Columbus where he’s lived since 1995.

CORE VALUES: Paul states, “Loyalty to persons, not necessarily DNA-family, but ‘family-of-choice,‘” quoting the British author E.M. Forster, “If I have to choose between betraying my country and betraying my friend, I hope I would have the courage to betray my country.”

Personal mission to EFFECT CHANGE:  “To chronicle as much as I can.” Paul has maintained daily journals since fifth grade, but several years of these were lost. He possesses all his writings since 1990, and plans to bequeath them to the Ohioana Library.

He boldly proclaims his activities and opinions on social media as well. “If the NSA isn’t stalking you, you’re not doing enough; if you’re not under surveillance, you ought to be ashamed.” 

Paul’s EARLIEST MEMORY:  At the age of 1-1/2, in 1964, following one of Marietta’s many historical floods, he remembers looking outside and seeing a canoe drifting up their house’s driveway. They lived three blocks off the Ohio River.

The TEXTURE  of EMOTIONAL CONNECTIVITY with PEOPLE: An admitted introvert, Paul feels “bonded” with his friends-of-choice. On the other hand, he speculates he’d be ok with solitary confinement should he ever be sentences to prison.

On SCARCITY/ABUNDANCE: He’s achieved a level of security with earning a living, having insurance, having his health, and pride in his daughter; but he’s well aware of his privilege.

The proverbial “BOX” we are often encouraged to THINK OUTSIDE OF: Paul has devoted his life to, “staying out of any box that might serve as proxy to employment.”

Paul’s MUSE, the fountain for his IDEAS: “Curiosity, travel observations; the ideas I have come from wanting to know things for their own sake.”  I am heartened with his report that North Beach/Broadway in San Francisco still supports City Lights Bookstore and the Green Tortoise Hostel.

UNCERTAINTY: He would relish this concept rather than know with certainty, and claims to be “stable enough to appreciate I’ve lived longer than I thought I would.” Continuing this thought, the immortality, the afterlife he wants is “for someone to remember me.”

Henceforth 5-YEARS ahead, 2023: Concern about the out-of-control urban density of population growth, unaffordable rent structure, fracking. “I’m thinking about passing out copies of THE MONKEY WRENCH GANG and telling people to study.” 

ANCESTRY: Paul’s aunt wrote some family history so he can name his great-grandparents.

Finally, Paul, WHATCHA READIN’? He likes the CNN and “New Yorker” legal correspondent, Jeffrey Toobin, and “I always carry, when I travel, a copy of  ON THE ROAD as kind of a combination of a talisman and the Bible.”

Much THANKS to you, Paul.

And THANKS, too, toward all readers of “CAFFEINE COMMUNION.”

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Dr. Bill LaFayette forecasts with “CAFFEINE COMMUNION”

Bill and I met in the café at Bake Me Happy, a delightful gluten-free bakery in Merion Village. This long-awaited opportunity came to fruition January 25, 2018.


He’s a professional economist, formerly on staff at the Columbus Chamber of Commerce before founding his own firm in 2011,  Regionomics. His path started in his hometown of Springfield, Ohio, then to an academic journey in the fields of finance and real estate economics, earning his Ph.D. in 1994 with his dissertation on housing affordability. Bill has also taught at the college level, finance and accounting at Ashland University and the University of North Texas.

Bill became quite animated in telling of his passion for 1940s-era Big Band and jazz music, specifically the bands in Great Britain demonstrated in John Wright’s podcast, “The British Dance Band Show.”

Listen to THIS.

Many Columbus leaders in business, government and education know Bill from his annual “Blue Chip” economic forecasts of the local and regional market. He completed his 17th such presentation January 3 at the weekly Columbus Metropolitan Club lunch forum, as he does on the first week of every January for CMC.

Bill’s CORE VALUES:  “Honesty, and integrity,” both in his personal values as well as  professional ethics.  In economic research, “It’s so easy to take data points and skew them,” which he’s careful to avoid. This hard limit has cost him an occasional consultation client when a potential arose to compromise objectivity.

His current project to EFFECT CHANGE:  An 18-month study for Ohio University’s five branch campuses to inform curriculum planners what to incorporate to prepare students in each of the five different local economic climates.

Bill’s EARLIEST MEMORY: At about age 2-1/2 he remembers his family building the house in Springfield that he grew up in. He specifically recalls the new automobile license plates Ohio introduced in 1960, blue text on a yellow field.

His FEELING of EMOTIONAL CONNECTION with others: Bill admits it’s difficult to come up with a metaphor, but “Catching up with friends is live-giving.”

SCARCITY/ABUNDANCE: Bill claims abundance. “I’ve got the job of my dreams, I feel grounded and centered, I’ve always been a happy person, this is the best time of my life.”

RELATED: Bill acknowledged that some researchers are considering another metric to measure economic productivity along with GDP, that is, GHN…Gross National Happiness Index. One challenge would be in developing measurements.

The proverbial “BOX” which some are encouraged to THINK OUTSIDE OF: Bill’s box of “Numbers will tell you stuff, but only so much,”  so he crosses his thinking from left brain to right brain creativity.

Bill’s MUSE, the fountain for his IDEAS: “I’ll just sit back and think.” His practice, when a solution strategy isn’t obvious, is to change environments to change perspective, “get away from it, take a walk, and come back with a solution.”

OK, “Mr. Economist,” what of UNCERTAINTY: “Everything is uncertain!” It’s the source of his livelihood! “Even things that look certain, and you gotta go with it…knowing more is better than knowing less.”

Henceforth 5-YEARS ahead, 2023: Personally, “Same as now. I’m having so much fun I don’t want to stop.” Columbus “Will get bigger, more traffic, and we’ll likely experience a recession, but not as severe as that of 2007-09. I’ll be surprised if we land Amazon.”

ANCESTRY: With the aid of a family member’s research, he can go back 5-6 generations. He is the 6-times-removed great-nephew of the Marquis de La Fayette.

Finally, Bill, WHATCHA READIN’? His most recent book read for pleasure is J.D. Vance’s HILLBILLY ELEGY. If time allows he likes to get back to British literature of the 18th-20th Centuries.

Much THANKS to you, Bill.

And THANKS, too, toward all readers of “CAFFEINE COMMUNION.”

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